when i think about myself, a lot of things come to my mind. small, often hypocritical, always smiling, never rude, lying way too often … the usual. but one thing that i hold great pride in is that

i am easy.

you can swirl me around, you can push me away, you can drown and lift me up, do whatever you please. i will let you. because

i am easy.

some people might say this is a bad thing. that i let myself be pushed around, that i don’t get mad at others. some might even say i am weak. but i’m not. i have learned that there are unnecessary fights and pointless struggles. i have learned to take a step back instead of jumping off the cliff straight away. i have learned to be patient and sometimes just simply give a nod instead of yelling.

when somebody cancels on me last minute i text back saying “no problem, c u soon :)”. when somebody runs into me because they didn’t see me walking i say “oh, that’s alright, no worries”. when the waiter mixes up my order i say “nevermind, that looks delicious anyway”. when you broke my heart with your words of rejection i said “i understand. let’s just keep going”. i do that because

i am easy.

do not mistake me for a fool. i have teeth and if you treat me wrong i will bite you so hard that i draw blood. i will scratch you with my nails so that you won’t forget that being easy does not mean that i am a punching bag. i tolerate a lot because i decide to do so. i want to do so. because i am kind and soft and

i am easy.


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